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a funny drawing-catharsis exercice! 

black line is my "stick-stereotype-girly-figure" / colors are who I am physically (with an axe bc why not)


Wow hey I love this!! Thanks so much for sharing this, friend, it really means a lot. You look fantastic and I love your cats.

This is a pretty cool game! I love the kickass enthusiasm.

I drew a doodle of when some lady told my mom I should have a bow on my head so everyone would know I was a girl. She was wrong on both counts, ha! I added a bunch of reptiles and amphibians because they're awesome, and I cut the doll's hair just like I did when I was a kid.

Oh my gosh this is WONDERFUL!! Like, extremely rad, super glad you enjoyed yourself!! And thank you so much for playing, really 

I appreciate this game very much for reminding me how sick radical I am. <3 I'm not prepared to draw right now, but hopefully I can actually play and post up an extremely good stick figure on Twitter tomorrow!

I'd love that!! Keep being punk!!

This was super fun! I know you liked it on Twitter already, but here's a link to my thread with doodle-me for posterity.

Next time I'll have to see if I can get some enby friends to join me -- I definitely feel like it would be extra fun to do in a group setting. :)

I'm just so glad you enjoyed it so much!! And yeah I definitely think it would be fun in a group, if that ever happens let me know, and I hope it goes well!!!!